Share and learn best practice with other housing providers at our upcoming virtual roundtable sessions

Practical help to address the challenges we face  

Have you identified a trend in performance or the feedback you are receiving? Are you facing more issues than ever before? Are you struggling to find new ways to communicate your findings to staff, stakeholders, and residents?  

Our shared best practice sessions provide you a platform to discuss the trends, issues and challenges you are facing, with tried and tested advice that is helpful and practical to implement.

Register for these new virtual best practice sessions, and tell us what topics and challenges you are facing. We'll pull together the best recent, real-world examples that can help you.

Our webinars and in-person events are filled with thought-provoking topics, expert speakers, and practical tips you can take away and put into practice immediately. All IFF events are supported with blog highlight articles, resources and recordings to make the most of your event experience.

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