Social Housing Insight Webinars

Gain knowledge and new skills with our new webinar series

Changes to work practices are currently seeing many of us working from our respective kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. To help you use this time to greatest effect, we’ve created a series of housing webinars. 

Selected based on identified needs and challenges, these sessions offer insight, ideas and inspiration which you can implement to increase the impact of your customer insight programme.

To register for any, or all, of the sessions just click on the links below. 

Process and impact evaluation: How to measure and quantify the impact of investment

Thurs 23rd April, 11.00-11.55 am

With many housing providers investing in community development works or wider employability, skills development or social support for customers, the question of how to objectively measure and quantify the impact of this investment is being asked across the sector. 

During this webinar we’ll be covering areas such as:
- What is a process or impact evaluation?
- Understanding where to start
- Theory of change
- How to measure and map the process

Customer journey mapping: How to use this tool to identify unnecessary effort in your customer's experience of your services

Weds 29th April, 11.00-11.55 am

Customer journey mapping helps you to better understand your residents’ experience, identify pain points, unnecessary effort or friction, and improve service provision. 

During this webinar we’ll be discussing the customer journey mapping process, exploring:
- How the process works
- What it will look like for you and your organisation
- The benefits to your organisation and your residents

Writing an effective research brief: Tips and best practice for a brief that delivers

Weds 6th May, 11.00-11.55 am

Whether you’re launching a simple survey or planning a large-scale project, the quality of your brief will impact the value of your results, your ROI and your experience throughout the process. 

We’ve seen a lot of research briefs over the years. Some of which have been well thought through and clear; while others have lacked clarity or detail. In this webinar we’ll be sharing our experience, providing guidance on how to write an effective brief, maximising ROI and impact for your organisation.

We’ll be covering areas such as:
- Why it matters
- The brief writing process
- Dos and don’ts

Effective survey design: The dos and don’ts to maximise the value and impact

Weds 13th May, 11.00-11.55 am

The quality and usability of research insights are hugely dependent on asking the right questions in the right way. In this webinar we’ll discuss the dos and don’ts of effective survey design, including best practice to ensure you create surveys that deliver. 

We’ll be covering areas such as:
- Question selection
- Question structure
- Tailoring methodology
- Avoiding bias
- Differences between transactional and perception surveys

Each webinar will be followed by a question and answer session.